The Magic of “Priorities”

I read something not too long ago that really resonated with me. I forget where I saw it, but it stated that saying, “I don’t have time” is basically code for, “It’s not a priority for me.”

Think about that for a minute. I mean, really think about it. As adults, how often do we run into someone we haven’t seen in a while and say something like, “We should totally get together for coffee sometime!” And then you never do. “Well, we’re both so busy,” you tell yourself. But that’s crap. Because I bet you found time to marathon Game of Thrones (or whatever show you’re into) this week, and that takes longer than meeting someone for coffee. Maybe you found the time to finish reading a novel. Point is, I’m sure you did something that you didn’t strictly have to do, despite “not having time”.

“I don’t have time for that,” is adult-speak for, “I don’t actually want to.” Humans will naturally find time to do things that they really want to do. “You’ll find the time or you’ll find an excuse,” is another quote I’ve seen floating around on the internet somewhere that I wholeheartedly believe in.

“And how is this fitness-related?” you ask me. To which I ask you a question: have you ever said anything to the effect of, “I don’t have time to exercise”? Maybe, “I’d like to get in shape, but I just don’t have the time.” Or maybe that wasn’t your excuse. Maybe your excuse was, “I can’t afford a gym membership” or “I don’t know what to do”.

We live in the internet age, people! If you really want to know how to do anything (yoga, strength training, parkour, you name it) there are TONS of people on the internet telling you how to do exactly that. I literally started my yoga practice in my own home using pins I found on Pinterest. I still work out at home. I splurged on a fancy program to follow recently (PB Resolution, if you’re curious), but for a long time I was using free internet resources and things I already had around my house.

Want to strength train but don’t have weights? Use milk jugs with varying levels of water in them. Or sand. Or gravel. Fill them with whatever you’ve got on hand. Use soup cans/water bottles. Use your small children! They’ll think it’s hilarious! (Seriously, I used to do bicep curls balancing a four-year-old across my forearms. Don’t think I could do that now that he’s 17, though.) Don’t know any exercises to do with weights? Google that shit! Non-sponsored recommendation: Try – Beginner Body-weight Workout. You don’t even need weights! Body-weight exercises are totally a thing… all you need to have is a body, and if you’re reading this I assume you have one. Even if your body has problems/disabilities, there are modifications that can be made. If you are determined to find something, you will find something you can do.

Want to try yoga but don’t have a yoga mat? That’s totally cool… you don’t need one! Any surface with some traction works (I mean, in your socks on a hardwood floor is probably a bad idea, but take off your socks and you’re golden), and if you need cushion under a joint or two, you can use a rolled up blanket or a pillow. No strap? A belt, scarf, or towel will work just fine. No fancy leggings? That’s okay! You can do yoga in any clothing you can move comfortably in. (I like the fancy leggings because they make me happy, but they are definitely not a must-have.) You can also do yoga naked, and I totally recommend trying that at least once if you have a reasonable expectation of privacy or live with a person who doesn’t care.

Basically, I am challenging you to rise above your excuses. If there’s something you’ve “always wanted” to do but never did because you “don’t have time”, make that shit a priority! Google it. Figure out how to get started. Make the time. Schedule it in. Even ten or fifteen minutes a day to start. Just make it happen. Stop letting your excuses win the day and DECIDE to do something that will make you happy/help you improve yourself. Make yourself a priority.

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