Bad at Resting, Fantastic at Playing

I’m on my third trip through PBResolution now, just wrapping up week 6 of 12 today. Today is supposed to be a “rest day”. My body didn’t want to rest. It wanted to play, so play I did.

For me personally, I enjoy my practice so much more when nobody’s telling me what to do. I’m coming to realize that’s what makes it difficult for me to stick with something like PBR… I prefer to just be intuitive and do what my body feels like it needs to do. So even though today is supposed to be my “rest day” according to the PBR calendar, I decided to treat myself to a nice little “doing whatever the hell I feel like doing” flow. And since I’m feeling generous today, I decided to upload it so you all can laugh along with me while I wobble and fall and occasionally sing.

Also, because I’m nice, I’ve identified all the songs that played during my practice in the caption below the video. Also also, I don’t want any of the bands involved to sue me. Also that.

I do not own any of these songs! I just had iTunes on “shuffle” is all! I swear! Song’s played during today’s practice in order from start to finish are: “Stoke the Fire” – Seether, “Path vol. 2” – Apocalyptica, “Komm Samm Met My” – Seether, “Stay Away” – Nirvana, “Oh My God” – The Pretty Reckless, “Take Me Under” – Three Days Grace, “Waste” – Seether, “Tonight” – Seether, “Falls Apart” – Thousand Foot Krutch, “F.L.A.G. (Fight Like A Girl)” – Diamante, “I Like It Heavy” – Halestorm, “Hidden Track” (I don’t know the name) – Halestorm (Into the Wild Life album)

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