Taking it Down a Notch…

Confession time: I skipped a couple of workouts last week for the first time in over four months. Yes, I was working a lot of hours. Yes, I had a lot of non-work activities going on. But that wasn’t why I did it. My body was just tired. Not in the “I need to sleep” sense, but in the “I need to stop doing all of the things” sense.

I looked back at the last few months and realized that even on my Sunday “rest days”, I hadn’t really been resting… I’d been doing hikes, walks, yard work. Strenuous, physical activities on my “rest” days. My day job is also pretty physically demanding, especially on Thursdays when we unload the truck. Even on regular days I’m just on my feet all day long, and often standing mostly in one place, which my body hates… I’d rather be walking than standing. My body was crying out for a break.

So I gave it one.

Pigeon on the Porch: the neighborhood flock of pigeons approved of this.

Even when I came back to my workout routine, which I did after a couple of days because I didn’t want to lose my habit, I didn’t push quite as hard for a week or so. Only just within the last day or two have I felt like I’m back to “full strength”. I’ve learned something from all this, I think.

In the yoga community, you’ll hear “listen to your body” a lot. It’s oft-repeated because it’s true. Sometimes you have to listen to your body, even when it is telling you to do something that seems counterproductive to your fitness goals (like skip a workout or two). This time I had to get to the point where my body was pretty much screaming at me before I listened. Next time, I intend to try to listen to my body before it has to scream at me. Because sometimes you need to take it down a notch (sorry Erin!), and sometimes that’s okay.

This past weekend we were super-busy. We had a meeting on Saturday that took up a good chunk of the evening, then we did a 200 mile motorcycle ride on Sunday (more on that in the next post), followed up by our regular Sunday night grocery shopping for the week. We were barely home last weekend, and by Monday morning I felt like I needed another weekend. So when my husband said to me the other day, “I want to do nothing at all this weekend,” I was totally on board. I’m shutting off my alarm tonight (Friday night) and I will wake up tomorrow morning whenever I do, and then I will go do “the yogas” on the porch in the sunshine, because I can’t think of a better way to start a lazy Saturday.